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- Eating enough fruits and veggies?
New research has some nutrition experts calling for even greater consumption of fruits and vegetables in our diet — as much as eight or more ser

- Degree in Nutrition:
Associates Degree in Nutrition online?

- Teaching Online?
This article contains some interesting information on how you might find a job as an Online Teacher... Click here:   

- The Ten Top Music Apps for the Iphone...
Click here:  Top Ten Music Apps for Iphone

- 3D coming to TV!!!
Coming soon to a store near you... 3D Television... Panasonic and Samsung have already got models ready to go.. they are on the expensive side rig

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What idiot... or group of idiots... think that the best way... to do business... is by closing the store...Friiiiday...The Mess in Washington!In the last few years, the American Congress in Washington has been an embarrassment around the world. The childish games engaged in by the Senate and House, all of whom seemed determined to show who has the most testosterone, is depressing. These idiots have marched our country, like a herd of lemm ...[more]

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My, How time flies... I visited a young woman the other day. She called to say there was some plaster loose on a ceiling in her home and asked if I could help repair it. Of course I did, and then we sat for some time just talking. I’m not sure what we talked about, important things I am sure, but throughout ...[more]

Stupid News From the Wrong Place, Wrong Time Department, in Queensland, Australia. Two unidentified men checked into the Merino Motel with big plans for setting up a meth lab in their room. Guess they didn't think about the smell attracting someone's attention. And guess they d ...[more]